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A resident permit is a legally binding document that grants a foreigner the right to dwell in another nation. After obtaining your residence permit, you are legally allowed to live in another country, either permanently or temporarily.

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A foreigner wishing to live permanently in the United Kingdom must get a UK resident permit. This document allows a foreigner to legally reside in the United Kingdom. If you want a UK resident permit urgently, call us immediately; we will provide you with a UK residence permit card, a UK VISA, a driver's license, and a work permit.

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Do you require a US Green Card? You may purchase a US permanent resident Green card from us. The information about the resident cards we supply has been recorded into the government's residence card information system. Furthermore, our legitimate registered residence cards include biometric information as well as the hidden elements required to pass a digital scan. Despite the fact that actual residence cards are more expensive than phony residence cards, we strongly urge our customers to acquire a legitimate residency card. We can also issue you with a US State ID card, a Social Security Number (SSN) card, and a US State Driver License permission. Please contact us for additional details.

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You may purchase registered German permanent residency documents online. The German resident permit (German: Aufenthaltstitel) is a document granted to non-EU nationals residing in Germany. Prior to September 1, 2011, residence permits and other limitations were affixed to passport pages (as stickers). Residence permits are now issued as ID-1 (credit card size) plastic cards, with the additional provisions printed on a separate sheet of paper (zusatzblatt zum aufenthaltstitel), so residents must carry up to three documents: their passport from their home country, their residence permit, and the supplementary sheet (if applicable).

Passports and residence cards are necessary only while crossing borders. We will provide you a German Permanent Resident card with additional paper documentation, a German VISA, and a German Health Insurance card. Purchase a genuine or fake Residence Permit Online, a Deutsch language exam certificate, and a work permit.

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Do you want to live in Canada permanently? We provide Canadian permanent residence, allowing you to live and work anywhere in Canada for an endless amount of time. After obtaining a resident visa for Canada, you will be entitled to all of the same social advantages as normal Canadians. We can provide you with a genuine residency permit that you may use anywhere, owing to our broad network of embassy officials in many countries.

After residing in Canada for a certain amount of time, you can petition for Canadian citizenship. We will help you through the whole process of obtaining a Canadian resident permit or a Canadian VISA. We are a one-stop shop for all your document-related requirements.

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You may purchase an Italian permanent residency document online from us. The Italian residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno) is a document required for non-EU nationals that is only valid for a limited period. There are several types of residency permit cards, and the most of them may be renewed. They are valid for the initial five years of residency in Italy. Obtaining a resident visa in Italy is a desirable alternative for businesses and individuals wanting unrestricted access to the EU. Non-EU nationals (especially those from certain Asian countries such as India, Iran, and the Middle East) have found it more difficult to get entry visas and resident permits in the EU in recent years.

Foreign nationals can still apply for Italian resident permits if they satisfy certain standards. We can provide our clients a range of solutions for getting a resident permit in Italy, including purchasing a real or fake residence permit online.

The following residence permit kinds are available for registration:

- Residence permit for adoption

- Residence permit for waiting occupation

- Residence permit for expected repurchase citizenship

- Residence permit for political renewal

- Residence card for foreigners

- Residence permit for family reasons

- Residence permit for self-employment

- Residence permit for subordinate work

- Residence permit for scientific research

- Residence permit for study

- Residence permit for professional training Internship

- Residence permit for tourism


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